Is it time for internet transparency legislation in HK?

Is it time for internet transparency legislation in HK?

Time Out Hong Kong profiled Hong Kong Transparency Report’s research findings in its November’s burning issue. HKTR pointed out the opaque practice between the city’s law enforcement and Internet companies is putting netizens’ privacy and freedom of speech in danger:

At present, there are no standardised procedural guidelines for government departments to make requests to internet service providers for user information. Nor are there provisions requiring government departments to obtain a court order to make these requests. Jennifer Zhang is the project manager of The Hong Kong Transparency Report, an initiative by the University of Hong Kong which highlights the clumsy nature of user data requests in the city. As Zhang outlines, the truth is that the lack of protocol and structure makes gathering information a logistical quagmire for authorities.

For the full story, please refer to the original reporting by Time Out Hong Kong.

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