Hong Kong Activists Fear State Snooping

Hong Kong Activists Fear State Snooping

Foreign Policy quoted Hong Kong Transparency Report’s data to raise the issue of Internet surveillance by law enforcement agencies during the Occupy campaign, especially in terms of the worrying trend of the government’s access to online user data without adequate judicial reviews.

Wiretapping is not the only snooping that activists worry about. Internet surveillance is an invisible issue since users are not even aware that their personal data have been handed over to authorities. The Hong Kong Transparency Report, a project by a research team at the University of Hong Kong, found that in 2013 Hong Kong police made 4,557 user information requests, including for IP addresses and emails. The report found that “almost none” of the requests were issued under a court order, 2,800 requests were still granted.

For the full story, please refer to the original piece at Foreign Policy.

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