Types of information requests

Types of information requests

There are two types of requests to Internet service providers: those for information about users, referred to as “user data requests,” and those asking that content be removed from the Internet, known as “content removal requests.”

User data requests

A user data request is typically for specific information, such as the IP address, of a specific creator of content.

The user could be specified as:

  • the person who has registered and owns or manages a website;
  • the person who uses and manages a online user account, such as an email account.

Content removal request

A content removal request can be made for various reasons. The most common of which is online infringement of copyrights. This request can be made by either the copyright owner or a reporting organization acting on the owner’s behalf.  The disputed content might be the actual copyrighted material or links to that material.

Requests for removal can be made for other reasons, including a determination that the content violates certain legal statues, or that it could lead to defamation.

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