Data released by Hong Kong Government

Data released by Hong Kong Government

The following information was released by the Hong Kong Government on 6 February, 2013.  This project has organized the data into a spreadsheet based upon a format outlined by the Open Net Initiative.

The data are incomplete, with missing names of the online service providers (OSPs), website and platform names. The specific number of  requests acceded to and the date of the requests are also missing. Subsequent requests made by the Hong Kong Transparency Report to individual departments have helped to fill in some of the holes in the data. Several departments have indicated that their data are for the years 2010 – 2012, while the data from the other departments refer to a recent unspecified three-year period.
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Key: Requests in green gave the most complete report. Yellow refers to partial reports, whose specific dates are usually missing. Red refers to incomplete reports, for which it is unknown if the requests were acceded to or rejected.

Requests made by the Inland Revenue Department did not disclose how many requests were acceded to.


User data requests:

Requests Refused 26.39% 3,814
Requests Acceded 73.61% 10,639

Content removal requests:

Requests Refused 0.03% 2
Requests Acceded 99.97% 7,001
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