Launching the HK Transparency Report

Launching the HK Transparency Report

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) of The University of Hong Kong is pleased to launch the Hong Kong Transparency Report on the occasion of Wikimania 2013.

The report, made possible with support from Google, will provide an ongoing analysis of the data released by the Hong Kong Government about its interaction with technology and communications companies: primarily government requests to the companies for information on their users, and requests for the companies to take down content due to alleged copyright violations, legal considerations and other concerns.  It will also offer insights into the Hong Kong Government’s policies and practices on data transparency.

The Hong Kong Government is the first government in Asia to have released data on the requests it has made to Internet organizations.  A preliminary analysis of the data released has found that:

*86% of the requests for user data during a three-year period have come from the Hong Kong Police Department;

*96% of the requests to remove content during the same period have come from the Department of Health.

The HK Transparency Report will probe the reasons behind these figures and other revelations from the Government data. We also urge Government to provide more complete information, as many details of these contacts have not been made public.

We hope this report become part of the world-wide debate over how governments behave on the critical issues of transparency and freedom on the Internet.

Join us at one of the parallel Wikimania sessions this week to learn more:

When: Saturday, August 10 2013, 4:00 – 5:00pm

Where: PQ304, HK Polytechnic University  (

What: Presentation the HK Transparency Report, followed by a panel discussion featuring:

  • Ying Chan, Professor & Director, JMSC, HKU
  • Lokman Tsui, Head of Free Expression, Asia Pacific, Google
  • Andrew Lih, USC Professor and author of The Wikipedia Revolution
  • Ot van Daalen, Bits of Freedom

For further information, contact:
 Darcy W. Christ: / +852 5485-9669


View the HK Transparency Report Press Release (PDF)

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