Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528)

Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528)

Hong Kong’s Copyright Ordinance is frequently cited in content removal requests by the Government, corporations and individuals.

It is  often difficult to determine the validity of these requests without more detailed information. In the meantime, Internet organizations are creating guidelines covering the circumstances in which they will remove content. In some cases, they are providing a specific format for requests and can require proof of copyright.

These new guidelines and procedures mean more work for both the requester and the organization considering the request. Some say the process is too slow to respond adequately to copyright violations, but others have cited cases (1, 2) in which material has been improperly removed. Some also have suggested that removal requests are fraudulently made to achieve competitive advantage.

The full Copyright Ordinance, including the table of contents and a PDF of the Ordinance, can be found on the Government’s website.

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