Darcy Christ

June 8, 2013

Is Transparency enough?

Is the goal of making transparent all of the Government requests enough? The answer is most certainly no. Even with the limited dataset we do have, we can begin to see a picture where neither Government, nor some ISPs are willing to completely disclose the details of these requests. There may be cases where this is legally justifiable, but without full disclosure and a lot more effort on the part of the Government to help explain these requests, there is much to be concerned about.
June 4, 2013

ISP compliance with Hong Kong Government requests

This pie chart represents data released by the Hong Kong Government. It is important to note that the data are not complete. Data from the Inland Revenue Department has not indicated whether the 13 requests were refused or acceded to. Once we can get more accurate data, we will update the chart. Although there is nothing implicitly wrong with a high percentage of acceded requests, it is worthwhile asking why ISP's are releasing user data or removing content without court order, and without providing better public scrutiny of why and when they are doing so. The lack of information is an indicator of an opaque process in which the public is not yet included.
May 24, 2013

Data released by Hong Kong Government

The following was released by the Hong Kong Government on 6 February, 2013. It has been formatted into a spreadsheet based upon a structure outlined by the Open Net Initiative Government Request Schema.
May 8, 2013

The Stockholm Principles for governmental transparency reporting

The Stockholm principles were launched in Stockholm on April 19, 2012, by Joakim Jardenberg and several associates. The original report, launched in a beta format in […]