July 21, 2015

Is HKFTU Hong Kong’s third party? – exclusive interview with lawmaker Chan yuen-han

The veteran lawmaker and unionist Chan yuen-han has been back to the spotlight after she did not follow her pro-Beijing allies' walk-out during the vote of political reform resolution last month. It was her first time not joining the camp's collective political action, but not the first time on other issues. According to an analysis by JMSC, Chan, along with six other pr0-Beijing legislators, tend to vote differently from either pro-Beijing or pan-democracy group. On certain issues, particularly on economy and livelihood , they stand with their political enemies.
July 7, 2015

Hong Kong Transparency Report hosted panel discussion @ APrIGF

Hong Kong Transparency Report hosted a transparency reporting panel at the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum on 2 July in Macau. HKTR's Jennifer Zhang was joined by Glacier Kwong from Keyboard Frontline and Dr. Clement Chen from the law faculty of The University of Hong Kong for a 60-minute discussion on internet governance from the perspectives of transparency and accountability.
July 6, 2015

HKTR joins transparency reporting workshop @ Citizen Lab

Hong Kong Transparency Report (HKTR) participated in the 3-day workshop hosted by Citizen Lab Summer Institute at Munk School of Global Affairs, The University of Toronto in late June. Here is a list of activities HKTR engaged in during the workshop:
June 19, 2015

Hong Kong braced for fresh reform protest outside government headquarters

Hong Kong Transparency Report was quoted on SCMP's Sunday cover story on the police's monitoring of activists' social media activities.
June 19, 2015

Hong Kong’s Activist Social Media Culture Under Threat

Activists claim that authorities are using an ambiguous ordinance in a selective crackdown on free speech, wrote Hong Kong Transparency Report's Jennifer Zhang for The Diplomat.